I need your help to get elected. Please volunteer and do what you can to help me. Thank you!

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Displaying a yard sign.
Putting a bumper sticker on my vehicle.
Wearing a campaign button.
Raise Finanacial Support/Ask Friends to Contribute
Go door to door neighborhood canvassing
Distribute campaign literature.
Make phone calls to voters.
Spread the word online (Facebook/Twitter/Ning/email)
Deliver/nstall yard signs.
Transport voters to the polls.
Hold signs before election day.
Hold signs on election day.
Volunteer at events.
Bring food to events
Host a reception, coffee or other gathering
Arrange a speaking engagement at a service meeting.
Use my name in an endorsement.
Do work at campaign headquarters.
Help with data entry.
Help in other ways.

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Skip Horine for Mayor
854 Angliana Avenue
Lexington KY 40508

E-Mail: info@skiphorine.com

Phone: 859-226-9321

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